A basic guide to getting more views on Instagram stories

Instagram is a powerful tool if used in the right way and for the right cause. It has been helping a lot of people to generate a great profit on their online businesses. Nowadays people are becoming influencers on Instagram and earning hard cash with the help of it. However, if you are in the same race of becoming an Instagram influencer or you are starting a blog via Instagram, you need more audience. You will need more people to reach out to you.

If you use the Instagram story as a compelling tool, you can make a great difference. You can use the Instagram story for social media marketing, advertising, and also for personal branding. However, do you know how would you be able to reach a greater amount of audience with the Instagram story? Here are a few ways how you would be able to get more responses on your Instagram stories and eventually on your Instagram account.

Creativity wins

There is no bigger strategy than being creative. If your Instagram story is creative, eventually people will get attracted to you, your Instagram story, and your Instagram account. It will eventually help in boosting your brand. So, you need to think about the Instagram story that you are putting up. Try not to be super basic and unimpressive, when you are putting on Instagram story. You can try different filters, background music and many other creative options like gifs, stickers, and more.

You can also take a look at your competitor’s feed and stories. It will give you an upper hand regarding more real creativity and more favorable views. Moreover, there are a lot of applications that are available on the Play Store on how to make your Instagram stories and photos look a lot better and attractive.

Post questions

Now, there is an option of polls and questions on Instagram stories. This makes a connection between you and your audience. It will connect you to them and they will be able to talk to you or connect with you more easily. When you post questions and polls or let them ask questions, it creates a better connection and more people are attracted to follow you.


Honestly, people are attracted to contests and giveaways. They like getting gifts. However, it is a Win-Win situation for you. When you post a contest, you gain more followers. Moreover, you will get a lot of Instagram story views. Along with that, when you get more views, your Instagram profile will be boosted by the Instagram algorithm. So, you do not have to worry anymore about your Instagram profile not being boosted. The Instagram algorithm works in a way, that it boosts the profile that serves to People’s interest. Contests and giveaways are people’s interests.


Now, there is a feature of highlights for the stories on Instagram. When you put on a major event or a major product on your Instagram story, you can put it on your highlights. It will be a lot easier for people to reach out and find their stories. Stories are unavailable after 24 hours. However, with the highlight feature, you can always see them on the top of the profile.

Location tags

When you are at a specific place, or you are eating at a specific restaurant, you can put up the location tag with the picture on your Instagram story. This way people can reach out to you, or to the place there where you are in. The reason why location tags make a difference is that when people are searching for a specific place, they might see your story and find it interesting and attractive. This might help you in gaining some followers and some more Instagram story views. Moreover, if you are lucky you might get sponsored. This is another way how influencers get sponsors and earn through their Instagram profiles. If you are in the same line of becoming an influencer, you need to keep this thing in your head.

Buy views

One simpler way is to buy Instagram story views. It is a much simpler method. However, if you are not working on your profile and not providing good content, this may also not be helpful for you. Make sure you have an ample number of active followers who follow you and comment on your profile. Then you can take the help of buying the views to boost your profile and trick the Instagram algorithm.

These are some of the ways regarding Instagram story views. It may be helpful for you if you follow them correctly. However, if you want to become an influencer, there is a lot that goes in. You need to put in some Legit efforts for maintaining your profile. If you are putting in efforts, they will get paid off.